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Dairy cows demand a balanced diet for milk production, body maintenance and good health. The cattle feed being the most important input, has to be provided it optimal levels of quality commensurate with the production of the animal. The amount of milk produced by the animal is largely influenced by what is fed and how feeding is done. The amount of feed provided to the cows depends mainly on the amount of milk it produces and also on its weight, environmental temperature and levels of activity. Of late, many farmers are turning to compound cattle feed fed along with dry fodder and green grass as a regular form of nourishment for the dairy animals. This improves productivity, optimizes the cost of milk production and increase the net profitability.

Krishi Nutrition Company Private Limited has various balanced cattle feed formulations catering to medium & high milk yielders, dry and working animals.

KNC Pro24+ Pellet is a super premium pellet cattle feed meant for high yielders, yielding more than 15 litres of milk in a day. KNC Pro24+ is specially designed with 24% protein to have significant improvement in quantity and quality of milk, fat & SNF contents and ensure proper reproductive capabilities. It is available in 50Kg BOPP bag.

KNC Bypass+ Pellet is a premium pellet cattle feed for cows yielding 10-15 litres milk in a day. KNC Bypass+ Pellet offers higher nutritive values through premium protein such as “Bypass protein”. It is fully utilized by the animal and results in optimal health care, less nutritive deficiency disorders and high with production as per genetic potential of the animal and ensure proper reproductive cycles. It is available in 20Kg, 50Kg and 70Kg PP bags.

KNC Special Pellet is designed for animals yielding upto 10 litres of milk in a day. Available in 20Kg, 50Kg and 70Kg PP bags.

KNC Value Pack Pellet is meant for dry and working cattle as a maintenance diet available in 50Kg PP bag.

Cattle Feed

Feeding Guideline :

Variety Categery For Body Maintenance / day For Milk Production / day
KNC Pro24+ Cow 1.5Kg 350 gms / lt of milk
Buffalo 1.5Kg 400 gms / lt of milk
KNC Bypass+ Cow 1.5Kg 400 gms / lt of milk
Buffalo 2Kg 500 gms / lt of milk
KNC Special Cow 1.5Kg-2Kg 500 gms / lt of milk
Buffalo 2Kg 500 gms / lt of milk
KNC Value Pack Dry & Working Cattle 2 to 2.5Kg per day

The feeding quantity will vary, depending on the type of feed and the milking capability of the cows and buffaloes. For every litre of milking, 400 grams to 500 grams of feed should be compensated and 1.5Kg to 2Kg of feed is additionally recommended for the body maintenance for a day.

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