Krishi Broiler Feed

The poultry farmer who raises chicken for either egg or meat, contributes greatly to the Nation building by providing the much needed protein at a cost effective way. Broiler chicken are raised for meat production. Broilers convert feed into meat quickly and efficiently with relatively lower environmental impact compared to other livestock. Broiler feed cost is the most important input in the production of broilers. The quality of feed is very important for running the broiler farm business profitably.

Krishi broiler feeds maintain the highest quality standards to deliver best cost benefit ratio in the farms. The drive for quality at Krishi Nutrition Company Private Limited starts right at choosing the best quality raw materials. Krishi has well designed feed formulations taking in to the nutritional requirement of the bird at different weeks of age. The feed is manufactured at the plant with state-of-the-art production facilities.

Krishi broiler feed comes in both crumble and pellet forms that ensures the homogenous distribution of essential feed ingredients and nutrients to bring out the best results. Apart from providing the higher requirement of protein & energy, the Krishi broiler feed is rich with all essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other value added feed additives. Krishi broiler feeds are available in 50Kg PP bags.


Feeding Guideline :

Type of Feed Age of the bird Total Feed Consumed
Broiler Pre-Starter Crumble upto 10 days 500 gms/chick
Broiler Starter Crumble 11 to 24 days 1250 gms/chick
Broiler Finisher Pellet 25 days to marketing 2400 gms/bird

A broiler will consume approximately 4.150 kgs of feed from day one to marketing stage.

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