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Japanese quails are hardy birds and are inexpensive to rear. They are produced mainly for their eggs and meat. Though quail rearing is comparatively lesser, Krishi Nutrition Company Private Limited understands the intricacies of this ‘niche’ area and is eager to reach out to the quail farmer and offers a helping hand with a solution for the issue on quail feeding.

For deriving maximum benefit out of quail farming, it is necessary to feed a balanced ration since feed constitutes 60-70% of the total investment to run a farm successfully. Balanced nutrition is the most important input to maintain quails in good physical condition to obtain optimal growth and egg production.

The matured female here lays more than 200 eggs in their first year of lay and capable of producing more than 300 eggs per year. The egg weighs 10 grams at an average. The quail broiler chicks require protein rich “Pre-starter” and “Starter” type rations to achieve faster weight gain to hit the market in 30 plus days.

Krishi’s quail feed variants are designed to have all essential required nutrients like protein, energy, vitamins, minerals, etc., to meet the balanced nutritional requirement of the quail. Krishi’s quail broiler and layer feed variants are available in crumble and mash farms in 50Kg PP bags.


Feeding Guideline :

Type of Feed Feeding Weeks Purpose Total Feed Consumption
Quail Broiler Pre-Starter Crumble 0-2 Meat 50 gms / chick
Quail Broiler Starter Crumble 2-5 Meat 450 gms / bird
Quail Broiler Starter Crumble 2-7 Egg 600 gms / bird
Quail Layer Mash / Crumble 8th week onwards Egg 14 - 18 gms / bird / day

By 5th week, a broiler quail weighs more than 200gms by consuming around 500gms of feed and the same is ready for marketing for meat purpose. For layer type quail, Quail layer type feed ( mash/crumble ) is fed past 7 weeks. The mature female starts laying eggs after 50 days of age.

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