Krishi Nattukozhi Feed

Poultry farming in India has come a long way from a backyard farming with less than hundred birds to a techno-commercial industry with thousands or lakhs of birds in the last three decades. India as on date is the World’s third largest egg producer and fourth largest in chicken meat. This achievement can be attributed mainly due to larger commercial poultry operations. However, the contribution of Nattukozhi chicken (backyard desi bird farming) cannot be ignored. Infact, even today Nattukozhi remains the preferred variety of meat for its perceived taste and health.

The key to optimal growth and high performance is the balanced approach to nutrition. Though Nattukozhi rearing is less technical and scientific, at Krishi we realize its value and come out with balanced diet with high quality raw materials like corn, soyabean extract, rice polish, vitamins, minerals along with all essential feed additives and suitable anti-coccidial drug (to control coccidiosis which is a challenging disease in Nattukozhi farming) to complete the spectrum of nutritional requirement.

Krishi Nattukozhi feed ensures better digestibility and good feed conversion ratio (FCR) leading to great body weight, lower mortality, shiny feathering, tender, and juicy meat. Krishi Nattukozhi feed is available at affordable price in starter and finisher formulations as crumbles in 50Kg PP bags. The Krishi Nattukozhi feed is complete and does not require any other natural feed substances to be fed additionally.


Feeding Guideline :

Type of Feed Age (in weeks) Feed Requirement (in kgs)
Starter Crumble 0-8 1.5 to 2Kg / Chick
Finisher Crumble 8-16 2 to 3Kg / Bird

From day 1 to the age of marketing, that is by 16 weeks, the Nattukozhi will consume around 4 to 5Kgs of feed and attains a body weight of 1.3 to 2.5Kgs.

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